Media and Community Relations Unit

Media and Community Relations Unit

The Media and Community Relations Unit is made up of one sergeant, two public information officers, one crime prevention officer, one special projects officer, and one community engagement specialist. 

When it comes to community relations, the Unit has a hyper-focused approach that uses tangible strategies to engage in productive dialogue, form strong partnerships, and identify meaningful solutions. How do we do it? By hosting events, through the department’s social media platforms, attending community meetings, making connections, and then having more intimate one-on-one or small group conversations.  

We pursue partnerships with community organizations as they are a key component to building trust & rapport. Trust is often transferable, so community members who trust partner organizations may also trust law enforcement agencies, creating a foundation of legitimacy that can be leveraged for community cohesion.  An example of this would be our partnership and collaboration with the Fly Brave Foundation and Visions in Motion.  As a result of these efforts, relationships are established, lines of communication remain open, and trust is built.  

In the summer of 2022, the Community Engagement team hosted the first-ever "BBQ in the Beat." Locations for the event were selected within each of the five police beats in Elk Grove. Various members of the Police Department prepared food and fun activities for the community. Hosting this event provides the opportunity to strengthen partnerships and build rapport with community members. This year the Community Engagement team hosted over 60 events! 

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