Policy Manual

Policy Manual

The Elk Grove Police Department's Policy Manual is guided by Lexipol, which is based on constitutional law and a "best practice" philosophy. Lexipol is the industry standard and is currently used by the majority of California Law Enforcement agencies.

The Elk Grove Police Department policy manual is subject to frequent updates based upon changes in State or Federal laws and/or best practices. As changes occur, the most recent polices will be posted on our webpage.

Disclaimer: Certain policies relating to sensitive security, tactics and officer safety issues have not been disclosed in accordance with California Government Code Section 6254(f), 6254(aa) and 6254(ab).

Assembly Bill 481 - Military Equipment Use Policy

On September 30, 2021, Governor Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 481, relating to the use of military equipment by law enforcement agencies. AB 481 requires each law enforcement agency's governing body to adopt a written military use policy by ordinance in an annual public forum. EGPD's Military Equipment Use Policy is available to view

Our 2022 Annual Military Equipment Report is available for review. 

The annual public meeting was held during the December 13, 2023, City Council meeting. Additional information regarding the City Council meeting is available by visiting the City's website at www.elkgrovecity.org.

Chapter 3 - General Operations
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