Police Chief's Community Advisory Board

Police Chief's Community Advisory Board

The Chief's Community Advisory Board (CAB) is established under the direction of the Chief of Police. The board is created to act as a resource for the Chief in the formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts and increasing public awareness. The board is intended to provide a forum for discussions concerning community concerns and the goal is to have a broad spectrum of viewpoints represented.

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Mission and Purpose of the CAB

The Elk Grove Police Department is committed to community policing. To that end, the mission of the CAB is to act as a resource for the Chief of Police in the formation of strategies, development of policing concepts, and increasing public awareness regarding policy issues. The CAB acts solely in an advisory capacity and will be driven by the creativity and vision of its members; it is intended to be an expression of the Elk Grove community's viewpoints.

To carry out its purpose, the board will address overcoming problems associated with police-community relations, the improvement of the Elk Grove Police Department's operations, and public safety issues in order to further enhance the quality of life in our community. The CAB will act as a sounding board for the Chief regarding community needs and concerns, keep the Chief apprised of the community's need for police services, and assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Elk Grove Police Department.

Although the CAB is expected to be proactive, it will not have power or authority to investigate, review or otherwise participate in matters involving specific police personnel or specific police-related incidents. It will not receive or review complaints initiated against personnel of the Elk Grove Police Department, nor play any role in civil or criminal litigation. The CAB acts solely in an advisory capacity and will be driven by the creativity and vision of its members; it is intended to be an expression of the Elk Grove community's viewpoints.

The CAB meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Elk Grove Police Department at 5 P.M. It is expected that each board member will contribute and provide input on the topics the board and Chief of Police deem appropriate and timely.

Composition of the CAB

The board consists of 10-15 key stakeholders, comprised of a diverse cross-section of active community members throughout the City of Elk Grove. These members will represent a range of interests and experience, including business owners, education, non-profits, public relations, faith community, youth representation, and more.

Members must be Elk Grove residents or business owners and are selected from the pool of applicants by the Chief of Police. Members are chosen to serve on the board for their professionalism, integrity and commitment to their community. The term for board members is limited to two years to allow for greater participation by all interested parties. Extensions for sitting on the board will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Members may be removed for cause prior to the end of their term by a majority vote of the board or at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Additionally, members who fail to attend three regular board meetings in a year may be considered to have vacated their position and may be replaced.

Members of the CAB acknowledge that service is strictly on a volunteer basis and members will not receive any form of compensation. In addition, all members will be subject to a criminal history background investigation prior to appointment to the CAB.

Board Expectations

  • Members of the CAB are expected to attend the scheduled meetings and be prepared to engage in an honest and productive dialogue.
  • Members of the CAB are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Members of the CAB are expected to maintain the confidentiality of information that is designated as confidential and discussed and/or disclosed during the meetings.
  • CAB members are not to utilize the meetings to facilitate personal agendas.
  • Members of the CAB will be encouraged to attend and participate in major police events (such as swearing-in and promotion ceremonies).
  • CAB members are encouraged to attend the Elk Grove Police Citizen's Academy to familiarize themselves with Department operations.


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Board Members

Sheldon Fields

Sheldon is a Sacramento native and Elk Grove resident for over 15 years. He’s a devoted husband and father of 2 successful young men. As a firefighter, he served the community for over 24 years. Having been mentored himself as a youth, Sheldon found it imperative to pay it forward by sharing his knowledge, experience and words of wisdom with the youth of the Sacramento area. He lives a life of service having mentored for the past 35 years through the Junior Fire Setters program, LINKS mentoring program, as well as the California Youth Authority. His “big brother" personality, fervent love of music, motorcycle riding, and competitive video gaming has allowed him to connect on a multitude of levels. Recently retired, Sheldon is now devoting his time as co- founder of Dream 2 Dream (an Elk Grove Youth non- profit) guiding and supporting youth through the path of adulthood.

Shirley Lewis

Shirley Lewis is the owner of Visions in Motion, an adult day program in Elk Grove serving individuals with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and Autism.  The facility provides a nurturing environment where clients can practice their daily living skills and contribute to their community. Shirley and her husband, Keith, have played an active role in the special needs community for over 25 years. She is also a CA Real Estate Broker for 20+ years and previously was the CA Assistant State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business. As a lead lobbyist, she worked to protect and support the growth of the state’s small businesses. Shirley has one son with Autism who attends her day program and two adult daughters that attended EGUSD schools. She currently serves as a board member of the local Kiwanis International organization, has served as President and Vice-President for the Jessie Baker School PTO and a member of EGUSD’s Superintendents Parent Council. Shirley has a vested interest in Elk Grove and feels the diversity and unique qualities the city offers must be protected by its residents and community leaders working together with local law enforcement. She also feels strongly that there should be a strong connection between law enforcement and the special needs community.  She appreciates the opportunity to provide her input as a local business owner, special needs advocate and parent through the Chief’s Advisory Board. 

Irfan Mehmood

Irfan, a resident of Elk Grove for nearly 9 years, hails originally from New Orleans. He holds a degree in Economics from Tulane University and has pursued further studies in London (UK), Cambridge (UK), and Florida, obtaining additional degrees in law, accounting, and an MBA. With a diverse professional background, Irfan has worked in investment banking and has been actively involved with several nonprofit organizations, serving as a volunteer, board member, and fellow. Notably, he was a fellow at the Louisiana Justice Institute and interned at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York. 

Currently, Irfan serves on the boards of Asian Resources Inc and Al-Misbaah locally. Alongside his professional endeavors, he finds fulfillment in family life with his wife and three boys. As a real estate developer, general contractor, and multi-unit franchise investor, he leverages his skills to create meaningful opportunities in the community. In his leisure time, Irfan enjoys working on his house, traveling, and passionately following his beloved New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, as well as supporting the local team, the Kings. Additionally, he is actively involved in his local Muslim community, further exemplifying his dedication to service and connection within the community. 

Kenneth Nelson

Kenneth grew up in Richmond, California. As a civil rights advocate and organizer, Ken’s work includes serving as NAACP Youth Adviser and Vice-President. In 1996, Ken was elected as the youngest Richmond Branch President since being chartered on September 11, 1944. That same year, he served on the City of Richmond Police Department, Chief Advisory Board. There Ken successfully worked to implement the community policing program, including lobbying congress for funding to hire nine female police officers and the opening of police sub-stations in the community. Moreover, the review of their pursuit policy, use of force and police community relations including the posting of “Gun Free School Zone” signage throughout the city. Ken received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, East Bay. Ken worked twelve years in the financial services industry as well as a Federal Contract Security Officer with the Department of Veteran Affairs, Northern California Healthcare System. Ken moved to Elk Grove in 2011 with his three sons. He has volunteered and supported several Youth Football programs in Elk Grove. He currently works at the Social Security Administration as a Legal Administrative Analyst.

Joy Yip

Joy Yip is a Wife, Mom of 3 kids and a Real Estate Professional. Joy is born and raised in South Sacramento and has been a resident of Elk Grove since 1999 and enjoys raising her family in Elk Grove. Joy has been a local Real Estate Agent for over 15 years and has a passion for teaching homeownership. Joy is deeply rooted in the Elk Grove community and aside from serving on the EGPD Chief’s Advisory Board, is an active Parent Volunteer for Franklin High School's Booster Club as Vice President and involved in many local Elk Grove Activities. Joy is a Board of Director and VP of Community Affairs for OCA Sacramento Asian Pacific American Advocates where she volunteers and serves in various projects throughout Elk Grove and Sacramento as well. Joy is honored to be a part of the Chief’s Advisory Board and looks forward to giving back and making a positive impact in our city. Her husband is a mentor for troubled youth and they both realize the need to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the community once they had children of their own. Joy’s love for the city of Elk Grove stems from her desire to be a role model for her children. To show them that giving back and helping others in the community will only make this city a better place to live, work and play, for generations to come.

Ken Kerrick

Biography not available.

Rich Fasano

Rich originally hails from upstate New York, where he served his community as a volunteer firefighter for 20 years.  At the same time, he was employed as a municipal Fire Code Enforcement Officer, later moving into the private sector as a Fire Protection Consultant. In 1990 he, along with his wife and two children made the move west to Elk Grove to open his firm’s Western Region office. As his children were growing up, he was involved with coaching sports teams as well as various church functions. The primary reasons for choosing Elk Grove as the place to live and raise their family was the reputation of the school system as well as the “small town feel” of the community (population 18,000 at that time) yet realizing growth was on the horizon to bring many desired amenities to the area.  Of course, growth brings not only positives but negatives also. Upon retirement from his career Rich is working part-time as a manager in the retail field and seeks firsthand some of the issues challenging the city. As a member of the Chief’s Community Advisory Board it is his mission to, in a small way, help maintain the high quality of life the citizens of this city expect and deserve. 

Harry Khangura

Biography not available.

Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet is a certified public accountant, having graduated as valedictorian from California State University of Sacramento, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a concentration in accountancy. He has been a resident of the Elk Grove/Sacramento region for over 26 years. Jaspreet is a husband, now married for over 9 years, and a father of one son. He shares interests that range from sports, movies (especially Disney), parks, visiting local eateries, and anything that results in family time. Selfless service is a major component of Jaspreet’s life, and he is thankful for the opportunity to serve on Chief’s Community Advisory Board and looks forward to continuously representing the interests of the community and bridging profound relationships between the community and law enforcement. He welcomes any feedback from our residents and looks forward to providing a helping hand where able. 

Matthew St. Amant

Matthew has lived in Elk Grove since 2017 after growing up in Dixon, CA. Matthew actively participates in the regional community through volunteerism at local events such as Sacramento Pride, National Night Out and others. He works for UC Davis Health as a Community Engagement and Financial Analyst and believes in helping the community grow through shared education, community building and mentorship. Matthew also is part of the Police Accountability Board for UC Davis and believes in police and community partnership.  

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Staff Support

Staff support to the CAB is provided through the Office of the Chief of Police. The Chief will serve as the liaison to the CAB and a staff member from the Office of the Chief of Police will act as the recording secretary. A member or members of the EGPD senior staff may also be included in the CAB meetings as necessary or requested. Support staff will:

  • Record the proceedings of meetings of the CAB (i.e. minutes)
  • Disseminate information, including meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, etc. to members of the CAB
  • Maintain all records related to the CAB

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