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Number of Authorized Full Time Employees
Sworn 153
Professional Staff 115

Homeless Outreach Team

The Elk Grove Police Department understands the concerns about maintaining the quality of life in Elk Grove and assisting those who may be living on the streets. We have two dedicated officers who stay connected to our homeless population while providing resources they may need access to. We take enforcement action when needed but also try to connect those individuals who are homeless to the resources they may need to assist them with getting off the streets. We do this in collaboration and with the assistance of several organizations including Sacramento Self Help Housing and their homeless navigator. 

View more information on what the City of Elk Grove is doing to help the unhoused population. 

View list of available resources

To contact our POP team, specifically our Homeless Outreach Team, call (916) 478-8110. 

Report a Homeless Concern

Crisis Intervention Response Teams

We have two teams that include a specially trained EGPD officer and a mental health counselor who respond to calls involving a mental health crisis. A Peer Navigator follows up for navigating support services. The Crisis Intervention Response Teams triage incoming calls and responds to evaluate the possible causes of the disturbance and assesses mental health needs with the goal of addressing the crisis in the community.

Dedicated to Compassion, Collaboration, and Community Wellness


We approach every crisis situation with empathy and understanding, recognizing the unique needs and experiences of individuals in distress.


We foster strong partnerships within our department and with external stakeholders, including mental health professionals, to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive response.

Community Wellness

Our primary focus is on promoting the well-being of the community. We strive to connect individuals in crisis with the appropriate resources and support services to facilitate their journey toward recovery.