Business Watch Program

Business Watch Program

The Business Watch Program is modeled after the Neighborhood Watch Program.  It is a group of businesses located in the same shopping center or strip mall who desire to make their business community safer for shoppers and employees by working together and in collaboration with local law enforcement to reduce crime and promote communication between businesses and law enforcement.  The focus of the Business Watch is to create a partnership between businesses, law enforcement, and other organizations that represent the best interests of the businesses. The Business Watch concept is to take control of what happens in your business community and lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Program Benefits

A successful Business Watch Program reduces and prevents crime through communication and education.  Organizing a Business Watch Program in your business community in collaboration with the Elk Grove Police Department is an important step towards a safer environment for your business, employees and customers.  In addition to reducing crime, a Business Watch possess many other benefits and opportunities:

  • Promotes communication and understanding between law enforcement and businesses

  • Educates merchants on how to crime-proof their business, and when to document and report suspicious activity

  • Encourages communication and networking with other area businesses

  • Networking allows for area businesses to quickly disseminate information about criminal activity in the business community. 

Learn more on how to start a Business Watch in your business community area, and a Crime Prevention Officer will contact you.