Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait to report someone missing?
There is no minimum time you must wait to report someone missing, but do check out our Missing Persons page for some more ideas and specific information.
My child is at someone's house and will not come home. Can I report them missing?
No. When you know where someone is, they are not missing. You need to go to the location and try to pick your child up. If you have a problem when you get there, and the location is within the Elk Grove city limits, you may call our non-emergency line at (916) 714-5115. If you are outside the city limits, contact the local law enforcement agency.

Check out our Missing Persons page for more information.
Do you have a program to help assist families with Alzheimer or other at-risk family members?
The Elk Grove Police Department is proud to announce its involvement in the Nationwide Project Lifesaver Program. The Project Lifesaver Program will be offered free of charge to Elk Grove residents who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's Disease, autism, or other conditions that make them likely to wander away from caregivers.