Speed Control

Speed Control

Public safety is a high priority for the City of Elk Grove, and we want to make sure our streets and neighborhoods are safe. That's why the Elk Grove City Council adopted a Speed Control Program on November 12, 2008 that allows residents to work with city staff to identify tools to address speeding in your neighborhoods. Here's how it works:

  1. Resident submits a request for speed control evaluation.
  2. City staff review the requested street based on the initial qualifying criteria.
  3. City staff evaluate and determine if Level One traffic calming is appropriate.
  4. If Level One devices are not effective, and Level Two options are being considered by City staff, a petition by residents must be submitted with 75% of the household in favor.
  5. The street will be ranked and qualified based on traffic count, speed surveys, adjacent land uses and other criteria for possible funding.
  6. Petitions submitted by November 23rd will be in the upcoming evaluation and ranking cycle for the current fiscal year. Petitions submitted after November 23rd will be placed in the following years' cycle.


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