The Field Services Division represents the largest commitment of departmental resources; a commitment that underscores the department’s foremost dedication to the protection and preservation of public safety. Division responsibilities include responding to calls for service as well as finding solutions for a wide variety of problems within our community. The division is made up of six patrol teams, Canine officers, the traffic bureau and the crisis response team. Every day the officers of the Elk Grove Police Department provide value based policing to the citizens of our community. The goal is to continue to work toward fulfilling the department’s mission, vision and values.

Elk Grove Police Department - Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to continually improve the quality of life in Elk Grove through:

  • Strong community outreach and partnerships
  • Fair and impartial interactions
  • Promoting public safety through prevention, intervention and enforcement
  • Developing and promoting a diverse professional work force


Through dedicated and highly skilled staff, we aspire to deliver world-class public safety service that meets the changing needs of a diverse community through partnerships built on mutual respect and trust.

Core Values

  • Empathy: We demonstrate sensitivity and compassion for others.
  • Collaboration: We dedicate ourselves to working with stakeholders to find solutions to emerging community and organizational challenges.
  • Diversity: We embrace the uniqueness of all members of our community and our organization.
  • Safety: We commit to providing a safe environment through which all can enjoy a high quality of life.
  • Respect: We respect all members of our community and organization and create an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and excellence.
  • Integrity: We pledge to uphold our position of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards and adhering to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
  • Service: We proudly provide professional service in a manner that is fair, courteous, responsive, efficient and effective.

K-9 Unit

The Canine program is comprised of six K9 handlers and their canine partners. The K9 handlers and canines work under the supervision of a patrol sergeant and lieutenant. Each K9 handler is assigned to a specific shift in patrol under Field Services.

An effective canine program is an essential element to a successful police agency. A properly managed and trained canine program can significantly reduce time spent on calls for service, reduce officer safety risks, reduce risks to the public at large and have a significant effect on reducing crime. Furthermore, it provides community outreach as a conduit to educate the people to the use of canine’s in law enforcement. The police canine's superior olfactory abilities are capable of performing at a higher degree of efficiency and accuracy when compared to an officer.

As a result, the ability to apprehend, track and locate people is a valuable asset to the agency. Obviously the law enforcement professional will never be replaced but the law enforcement canine can certainly provide an added benefit to the law enforcement community.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is made up of six patrol teams that work Days, Swings and Nights. The Watch Commander (Lieutenant) manages the Sergeants, Patrol Officers and Community Service Officers. Patrol Officers provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting life and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.

Traffic Bureau

The Elk Grove Police Department’s Traffic Bureau is dedicated to improving traffic flow, pedestrian safety and working to keep all drivers on Elk Grove's streets safe through enforcement, education and engineering. The Bureau is comprised of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, two collision investigators, eight motor officers, one community service officer (CSO), and one administrative assistant.

View information regarding speed limits, neighborhood traffic management, or roundabouts.

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For all complaints or concerns, please visit our Traffic and Parking Concerns page or contact the Traffic Bureau at (916) 627-3714.

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