Administrative Resources

Administrative Resources

Administrative Services is composed of the Chief's Office, Administrative Support, Professional Standards, Finance, Information Technology, and Fleet (police vehicles). 

Administrative Support includes employees that keep the day to day operations of the police department flowing smoothly. In a small department such as this, the administrative support staff often wears more than one hat in the performance of their jobs.

Professional Standards monitors several major components of the Police Department. These include: Internal Affairs, Training, Hiring/Backgrounds, Employee Relations, Workers Comp Claims, Property Damage (caused by PD), Vehicle Accidents and Use of Force issues. 

Finance is responsible for the development and oversight of the Elk Grove Police Department’s overall budget. Finance provides financial management and operational support to other divisions in the Police Department, and works closely with other City departments. 

The Fleet Section is charged with purchasing and ensuring that all police vehicles are maintained and operational. The Fleet Section is comprised of a Fleet Manager, Fleet Analyst and an Administrative Assistant.

Information Technology (IT) is responsible for all computer functions, computer communication and radio communications. All communications and technology functions are critical behind the scenes elements of the Police Departments daily operations. Essential to these efforts is the constant evaluation and examination of new technologies to improve and enhance our abilities to provide the safest and most cost-effective means of delivering police services.

Support Services

The Support Services Division provides assistance and support to the community and all units and bureaus of the department. This Unit is comprised of the Communications, Records and Property and Evidence Bureau and is managed by a civilian.