Chief's Message

Chief Albright standing with a community member

It is my pleasure to welcome you the to the Elk Grove Police Department’s website where you can find out what the Elk Grove Police Department is doing to make our community a better place to live!

I am honored and humbled to serve this wonderful community as your Police Chief. I have spent 30 years in public service, with 26 of those years, proudly serving in law enforcement. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to serve in this amazing community – a community I am proud to call home and have done so for over 23 years. As my wife of 23 years and I raise our three children in this community, I am keenly aware of what makes this community great. It is my goal to provide for a safe and thriving community wherein our amazing residents have the ability to enjoy all that Elk Grove has to offer.

Our organization is made up of highly skilled, caring professionals who take great pride in serving our richly diverse community. We are committed to providing service in a manner that is fair, courteous, responsive, efficient and effective.We have worked hard to not just create our Mission, Vision and Values but to live those out in all of our interactions. Each interaction is an opportunity to do just that.

We enjoy strong support from our community, city management and elected officials. It is through this support and public trust that we work to maintain a high quality of life in our city. I have the opportunity to see daily the great work of our amazingly talented and dedicated staff. It will be my desire to continue to foster the great relationships we enjoy within our community and to establish new relationships with other groups we have not had the opportunity to meet. On behalf of the proud members of the Elk Grove Police Department, we thank you for your support and thank you for the opportunity to serveyou.

Chief Timothy Albright