K-9 Unit

The Canine program is comprised of six K9 handlers and their canine partners. The K9 handlers and canines work under the supervision of a patrol sergeant and lieutenant. Each K9 handler is assigned to a specific shift in patrol under Field Services.

An effective canine program is an essential element to a successful police agency. A properly managed and trained canine program can significantly reduce time spent on calls for service, reduce officer safety risks, reduce risks to the public at large and have a significant effect on reducing crime. Furthermore, it provides community outreach as a conduit to educate the people to the use of canine’s in law enforcement. The police canine's superior olfactory abilities are capable of performing at a higher degree of efficiency and accuracy when compared to an officer.

As a result, the ability to apprehend, track and locate people is a valuable asset to the agency. Obviously the law enforcement professional will never be replaced but the law enforcement canine can certainly provide an added benefit to the law enforcement community.

emerson and k9 roman

K9 1

Officer Dan Emerson and Roman

gregorio and k9 argo

K9 3

Officer Joe Gregorio and Argo

Villarreal and Alex

K9 4

Officer Hector Villarreal and Alex

Smith and Gunner

K9 5

Officer Tisha Smith and Gunner

Kelly and Jax

K9 6

Officer Braden Kelly and Jax