2017 Annual Report

Welcome to the Elk Grove Police Department’s 2017 Annual Report.  In this report, we will provide a number of year-end statistics, details regarding services provided by our organization, and much more information highlighting the great work of our team working in partnership with the community.  Our organization is made up of highly skilled, committed professionals who take pride in serving our richly diverse community.  We greatly appreciate the strong support we receive from our community, elected officials and city management.  I am proud of the men and women of the EGPD and I feel fortunate to serve alongside them.    

2017 was a year in which the EGPD saw much change.  Early in the year, we set about crafting a revitalized mission statement, vision statement and core values that will serve as a framework to guide our organization into the future.  While we have always been an organization with a strong commitment to community partnerships, 2017 saw us double down on those efforts in order to take our relationship with the community to an even higher level.  Staff members from throughout our department took part in a number of community events in 2017 and we look to do even more of that in 2018 and beyond.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a community that is very engaged and active in partnering with us to achieve our collective public safety goals.  Another key accomplishment achieved in 2017 involved having all of our staff complete “Principled Policing” training.  This training focused on the fair and impartial delivery of service and justice, along with exploring the concept of implicit bias.  It was an excellent course and one that is absolutely consistent with our mission, vision and values.

2018 promises to be a busy year and there are many initiatives already under way.  Such things as advanced crime analysis to provide for more predictive and strategic patrolling, a Chief’s Community Advisory Board to focus on collaborative community policing and problem solving, a real-time information center with enhanced video capabilities, and many other initiatives are being studied or in progress.  As always, we are committed to working hard to keep up with the changing environment to meet the needs of our community.

I hope you enjoy reading our 2017 Annual Report and find the material contained herein to be informative.  I wish you all a very happy and safe 2018!


Bryan Noblett

Chief of Police

2017 Annual Report