UAS Program

Elk Grove Police Department Unmanned Aircraft Systems (U.A.S.) program is a resource to protect lives and property of citizens and officers of Elk Grove in a constitutionally and legally sound manner, while in adherence with Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) regulations.

The Elk Grove Police Department U.A.S program is an efficient and effective way of providing law enforcement services to the community. Some examples of U.A.S. usage are public safety and life preservation missions including, but not limited to, barricade situations, active shooters, apprehension of armed and dangerous fleeing suspects, and high-risk search warrants, investigative scenes, missing persons incidents, search and rescue operations, disaster scene incidents, hazmat incidents, suspected explosive devices, pursuant to a warrant (search or arrest), special events, outside public agency assists, training missions, and mutual aid support when the underlying missions meets the uses outlined in the EGPD U.A.S. policy.

EGPD currently has eleven U.A.S systems and three officers trained and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as unmanned aircraft pilots. EGPD sworn patrol staff have been trained to serve important support roles within the UAS program as visual observers. This important training allows for the visual observers to partner with pilots in providing a safer environment for all persons and property in the area while the unmanned aircraft is being utilized.

Elk Grove Police Department U.A.S. Policy

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations

Flight Log

Activity Date Location            Synopsis     
10/1/19 5700 block of Tall Grass Way Assisted with service of a search warrant.
 10/10/19 Lismore Dr. / Falcon Meadow Dr.  Assisted Homeless Outreach officers with locating homeless encampments along tracks and open fields. 
 10/11/19 Waterman Rd. / Bond Rd. Assisted Homeless Outreach officers with locating a homeless encampment in the open field.  
 10/13/19 Kent St. / Waterman Rd.  Assisted with attempting to locate the driver of a solo vehicle collision that walked away after the collision. 
 10/26/19 8900 block of Lake Elsinore Ct.   Assisted with perimeter on burglary in progress, later determined to be unfounded. 
 11/21/19 City of Sacramento  Assisted outside agency with service of a search warrant.
 12/18/19 County of Sacramento   Assisted outside agency with service of a search warrant.
 12/20/19 9600 block of Kent St. Assisted with service of a search warrant. 
 12/23/19 10200 block of Shoech Way   Assisted with service of a search warrant. 
 12/23/19 Heritage Hill Dr. / Calvine Rd. Assisted with search for bank robbery suspect. 
 1/7/2020 9000 block Testerman Way
9800 block of Denali Circle 
Assisted with service of a search warrant.  
 1/30/2020 8600 block of Gossamer Way  Assisted with service of a search warrant.  
 3/3/2020 Emerald Crest Dr. / Elk Grove Blvd. Assisted with the search for an at-risk missing person. 
 3/5/2020 Elk Grove Blvd. / Mainline Drive  Assisted with search for wanted suspect. 
 4/15/2020 Crown Bench Cir. / Peller Way Assisted with taking wanted subject into custody.
6/29/2020  City of Elk Grove  Assisted patrol- Illegal Fireworks
7/1/2020  Seasons Dr./ Laguna Park Dr. Assisted patrol on a call for service. 
7/1/2020   City of Elk Grove  Assisted patrol- Illegal Fireworks
 7/4/2020  City of Elk Grove  Assisted patrol- Illegal Fireworks
7/12/2020  Black Swan Dr. / Red Spruce Way  Assisted with the search for an at-risk missing person.  
 7/14/2020 Black Swan Dr. / Elk Grove Blvd. Assisted with search for wanted subject.
7/26/2020  9000 block of Polhemus Dr.   Assisted patrol for call for service 
7/26/2020  Sheldon Rd. / Elk Grove Florin Rd.  Assisted patrol for search of the area for possible armed subject. 

Black Kite Dr. / Elk Grove Florin Rd.
Assisted with a search for an at-risk missing person. 
9/1/2020   Bader Rd. / Pleasant Grove School Rd. Assisted patrol for search of the area for a DUI suspect