Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is made up of six patrol teams that work Days, Swings and Nights.  The Watch Commander (Lieutenant) supervises the Sergeants, Patrol Officers and Community Service Officers.  Patrol Officers provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting life and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.

No Picture                                       Kent
Watch Commander                                              Watch Commander   
Lt. Mike Press                                                      Lt. Paul Kent
Phone: (916) 478-8030                                        Phone: (916) 627-3729

Elmore                                       Templeton
Watch Commander                                             Day Shift Supervisor
Lt. Ryan Elmore                                                  Sgt. Dan Templeton
Phone: (916) 478-8070                                       Phone: (916) 627-3700
Email:                          Email: 

Ramos                                       Grant
Day Shift Supervisor                                           Swing Shift Supervisor 
Sgt. Gabe Ramos                                                Sgt. Paul Grant
Phone: (916) 627-3700                                       Phone: (916) 627-3700
Email:                          Email:

Jacobo                                       Kearsing
Swing Shift Supervisor                                         Swing Shift Supervisor   
Sgt. Jason Jacobo                                                Sgt. Jason Kearsing
Phone: (916) 627-3700                                        Phone: (916) 627-3700
Email:                           Email:

Moore                                       Hancock 
Swing Shift Supervisor                                         Nights Supervisor
Sgt. Greg Moore                                                  Sgt. Will Hancock
Phone: (916) 627-3700                                        Phone: (916) 627-3700
Email:                         Email:

Picture Not Avail                                       No Picture
Nights Supervisor                                                 Cover Watch Supervisor
Sgt. Carlos Vina                                                   Sgt. TBA
Phone: (916) 627-3700                                        Phone: (916) 627-3700
Email:                              Email: