Traffic and Parking Concerns

The Elk Grove Police Department is committed to addressing all traffic complaints in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you have a complaint about abandoned vehicles, please use our Abandoned Vehicle Report form.

To report an ongoing problem, you may use this form or call and leave a message on our Traffic Issues line at (916) 627-3714. Please state what the problem is, the location of the problem and the time that it occurs. For reporting problems that are in progress, including traffic collisions, please call our Communications Center at (916) 714-5115.

Local residents and businesses can visit the Elk Grove Police Department to voice concerns regarding speeding, reckless or dangerous drivers within the area. The Traffic Bureau monitors and records comments and is alerted of notable recurring problems. 

Traffic and Parking Concerns
Traffic and Parking Concerns Report Form
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Please describe the nature of the problem, how often, times of day occurring, people involved, vehicle descriptions, etc. The more information the better we can address the problem and format a solution.

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